What is beauty?

The quest for physical beauty is an ancient one, fuelled by our desire to display the hallmarks of lineage, social standing, power and fertility.

Throughout history and across cultures, women have transformed their appearances to conform to a beauty ideal. Beauty varies from culture to culture, but current western beauty standards emphasize a toned, slender look exuding fitness, youth and wealth.

Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom (where males are the beautiful ones) the human focus has always been on women’s face and bodies, and this is so in all cultures. It is more important for women to be beautiful!

Recent research suggests that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but that ideal human attractiveness may already come hard-wired into the human brain, and that in fact we have a build-in template of beauty by which we judge the attractiveness of others.

However, you are not the best judge of your own beauty. You are more likely to overate your looks than under-rate them. Neither are your friends – because they know you, they will include other aspects such as your personality. So the best judges of beauty are complete strangers because they don’t know you, making them unbiased and able to make a purely physical appraisal.

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