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Carboxytherapy: The answer to getting rid of stretch marks

Carboxy therapy is a non-surgical treatment, which consists of the therapeutic use of Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) administered by injections.

In my opinion it’s one of the best treatments for tackling stretch marks and dark circles under the eyes.

This therapy was discovered in the thermal waters of Royat in France during the 1950’s when a group of cardiologists used this therapy in patients with different illnesses related to poor blood circulation and fat accumulation.

How does the carbon dioxide work?

At the injection site the CO2 penetrates the skin in form of gas and is easily spread to other tissues nearby. Depending on the pressure and amount injected I may also massage the skin to help with distribution.

When the CO2 is injected, it diffuses – part of it going to red blood cells where when it comes in contact with the hemoglobin, it sends oxygen to the tissue. Results can be seen immediately, the tissue improves, the skin is smoother and the affected zones become thinner.

Is it painful?

No, not really. Some patients can experience a light tingling sensation near the injection site, which disappears within a matter of seconds. It’s more of a strange feeling than a real pain and as a result of the increased circulation, the area surrounding the injection site may feel warmer for 10 to 20 minutes.

How many sessions before I seen an improvement?

The first results are seen almost immediately, the quality of the tissue improves, the skin becomes softer and the affected zones thinner. After the 5th session you will see that your skin looks noticeably healthier. Around the 8-10 session mark, you will appreciate that your subcutaneous tissue is firmer. Before the treatment program ends you will have firmer, cellulite free skin!

Isn’t Carbon Dioxide toxic?

No, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, so it’s naturally produced by the cells in our body. It’s transported in the blood and exhaled through the lungs. Plus it is currently used in surgery (laparoscopy, colonoscopy).

How much does it cost?

Carboxy Therapy can also be combined with all other types of therapies.

If you’ve got any questions about carboxy therapy (or any of the other treatments I offer) you can comment on this blog post, email me at or tweet me @DrDanielSister. I look forward to you getting in touch.

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