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Hormones and the ageing process

UPDATE: For more information on my hormone balancing consultation service, take a look at this post – and to order the book, Your Hormone Doctor, visit Amazon

Do you know how vital the role of hormones is when it comes to fighting the ageing process? Keeping the right balance of hormones is one of the best ways to stay looking and feeling young.

Hormones are chemical compounds formed by the glands and carried in the blood to other organs and glands. When hormones reach their target, they stimulate that body part to function more vigorously. When hormones are balanced, the body is able to do miraculous things such as regenerate new tissue, create an abundance of energy, and fight disease.

Leaders in anti-ageing medicine have concluded that a reduction in the production of hormones is the most probable cause of the growing incidence of premature ageing.

The primary goal of hormone balance is peak physical and mental performance. With lowered production of testosterone, oestrogen and DHEA, we get fatter and flabbier, we lose our energy and sex drive – and our youthful resilience to disease.  And so a vicious cycle ensues.

Abnormal hormonal responses also weaken our digestive capacity. Our liver, pancreas, gall bladder, stomach and intestines decrease in function and we are less able to absorb the nutrients our body needs to restore our hormones to youthful levels.

What I can do to help

I offer a bespoke treatment designed to particularly address the effects of the menopause, thyroid problems and chronic fatigue syndrome.

After an in-depth consultation and blood tests, I’ll focus on hormonal dosages, nutritional and supplementary advice, exercise and lifestyle.

 “Dr Daniel Sister has prioritised hormonal health at BeautyWorksWest to ensure that women’s unique needs are met…” 
Vogue Magazine

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