Surgery free nose re-sculpting

If you’re considering a surgical nose job, think again. Non-surgical nose re-sculpting is ideal for anyone who avoids having their photo taken in profile, or feels happier looking into the mirror head-on. If you yearn for a straighter, more aligned nose, then I can help.

Injecting dermal fillers on either side of the cartilage of your nose results in a lifted and straightened area.

Injecting Botulinum Toxin either side of the nostrils stops flaring under the nose and lifts the nose tip. The overall effect is that the nose appears smaller, straighter and more symmetrical.

“A Nose Job in Ten Minutes? Dr. Daniel Sister has pioneered nose-job Botox. It is the perfect try-before-you-buy option. You might well love the effect so much that you decide you don’t need surgery.” Daily Mail – Read more here.

So if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your nose, speak to me before you consider the surgical option!

For before and after photos of this treatment, see this post.

If you’ve got any questions you can comment on this blog post, email me at or tweet me @DrDanielSister. I look forward to you getting in touch.

About drsister

World renowned expert cosmetic anti-ageing doctor. Specialising in Dracula PRP Therapy, Hormone balancing, Carboxy therapy, Botulinum Toxin, Dermal fillers, Chemical peels.
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