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New research into dracula therapy (prp)

There’s been some very interesting research* coming out of South Korea into the effects of PRP (dracula therapy) and the benefits of combining the treatment with fractional laser procedures.

The research showed increased patient satisfaction in skin elasticity and decreased erythema index (the redness of the skin). The PRP increased the length of the dermoepidermal junction (the thickness of the dermal and epidermal), the amount of collagen, and the number of fibroblasts (generating collagen cells).

The wrinkles in the PRP-injected group were significantly more reduced than in the other test groups. Biopsy results also indicated that the dermal layer was remarkably thicker in the PRP-injection group.

The research proves that PRP is effective in the rejuvenation of photo-aged skin.

Treatment with PRP after ablative CO(2) fractional resurfacing enhances recovery of laser-damaged skin and synergistically improves the clinical appearance of acne scarring.

To summarise: The skin was less red, it had increased in thickness and produced more collagen – it therefore looked fresher and more youthful with a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage and scarring.

Much of this research is further evidence to what I have been saying for some time now; that dracula therapy (PRP) is the most effective non-surgical anti-ageing treatment currently available. It’s also incredibly safe, using your own blood. Remember: No toxins. No risk. Just plasma.

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* Research was published in the Annals of Dermatology.

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