Brilliant testimonial from a patient

testimonial_ monique

This week I received a fantastic testimonial from a patient. She is so happy with her treatment that she has allowed me to share her photograph and comments with you.

“Hello Dr. Sister,

My skin looks fabulous and I really credit it to your Dracula Therapy. Thank you. I have been in LA for 5 months now and I wish there was an equivalent here. I know it is offered but it will not be the same as your treatment. If you come here to visit please call me.


For more on dracula therapy, and take a look at this blog post, or please get in touch via email me at or Twitter at @DrDanielSister.

About drsister

World renowned expert cosmetic anti-ageing doctor. Specialising in Dracula PRP Therapy, Hormone balancing, Carboxy therapy, Botulinum Toxin, Dermal fillers, Chemical peels.
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