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Dracula Therapy™ – and why I’ve trademarked the name

As we’ve already discussed on this blog, Dracula Therapy is the name I’ve given to my own version of PRP treatment.

I’ve been working with PRP for over 8 years and have performed more than 700 procedures, and during that time I’ve created what I believe to be the ultimate cosmetic version of this treatment.

Since its increased popularity, I’ve taken the step of trademarking the name ‘Dracula Therapy’ as I’ve become increasingly frustrated with seeing the name attributed to inferior versions of the treatment. I am also very concerned about some of the special offers I’ve seen advertised online, aimed at luring patients into multiple treatments that they may not need – all for a so called ‘reduced price’.

So, if a doctor does not perform the treatment in the specific way I have developed, and has not been trained by me, it’s NOT Dracula therapy.

Let’s look at what sets Dracula therapy apart from other PRP methods.

The quantity of blood taken

–       We harvest just 20cc of blood (more can be unpleasant for patient). My experience has established that 20cc is the perfect amount to create the best ratio between blood taken and PRP harvested.

Keeping it hermetical

–       Most other PRP kits use a chemical buffer gel to separate the red blood cells and the plasma. Because I have concerns about some of the filaments escaping I do not use this method, which therefore means Dracula therapy is 100% hermetical.

Ensuring it is autologous

–       We do not mix the plasma with fibrin – therefore Dracula Therapy is totally autologous (meaning that 100% of what is injected into the patient is from the patient’s own blood).

Concentration of platelets

–       In Dracula Therapy the diameter of the tubes, length of tubes, centrifuge speed and time spent in the centrifuge is very precisely worked out in order to ensure that the growth factors are not activated before injection.

This ensures the correct concentration of ACTIVE platelets – therefore the best result for the patient.

Specific treatment protocol

–       There are other areas where my method of PRP differs from other doctors. These include the exact positioning of where I inject, how deep I inject and the specifics of any mixing with or without hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals.

The correct training

–       Anyone claiming to be performing Dracula Therapy needs to have been trained by me. If you’re speaking to a doctor about having Dracula Therapy and want to check if I’ve trained them – just ask me!

–       We currently provide training sessions for the London School of Medicine, Wigmore Medical Training and, coming later this year, British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Done correctly, a patient would only need Dracula Therapy twice a year to maintain the results – I’ve seen clinics advertising courses of treatments and recommending repeat treatments at 4 – 6 weeks – and this is simply not necessary.

For further information on trademarks – and to view ours online – visit the Intellectual Property Services website.

For more on the benefits of Dracula Therapy, see these previous posts.

If you’ve got any questions about this post, or any of my other work, you can comment on this blog post, email me at or tweet me @DrDanielSister. I look forward to hearing from you.

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