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Groundbreaking treatments that I’ve introduced into the UK

I’m proud to be a pioneer in the field of non-invasive cosmetic techniques and have introduced a number of key treatments into the UK market.

These days there are many safe, effective, alternatives to surgery and I’m always looking for new methods and treatments that further advance this area. I specialise in scientifically proven treatments, and I look to pier reviewed medical studies for my evidence.

I’ve just introduced Photo Activated Dracula Therapy (PRP) to my list of ‘firsts’ in the UK. So I thought it was about time I reminded you of just how many other treatments I was the first to introduce into the UK!

  • First to introduce Laser/Elos technology to the U.K.
  • First to introduce the VIPeel to the UK

And I don’t expect the list to stop there. There are many new systems, technologies and methods in development and I am constantly researching and testing to ensure I can bring my patients the most cutting edge, non-surgical alternatives ahead of the market.

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