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New study shows that fifty is the new thirty

A recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) has revealed that 50 is the new 30. The AAFPRS conducted a survey looking at how women of 50 and over view the changing face of 50.

It also revealed that although 15% of these women had opted for surgery – many more were looking to non-surgical options with 69% trying skin peels and 50% opting for filler injections.

This is certainly a trend I recognise in my patients. I have many patients of both around and over 50 who are seeking non-surgical treatments with minimal risk and downtime. These treatments allow them to embrace their age and feel confident, but still look and feel like themselves.

The survey involved 500 women, all aged 50 and over, and on average 69% of women reported feeling at least 6 years younger than their chronological age – a brilliant insight!

This year sees many powerful and beautiful celebrities turn 50, including Courtney Cox, Elle Macpherson, Michelle Obama, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt – all defying what it used to mean to be a ‘traditional’ 50-year-old. Michelle Obama was recently quoted as saying: “Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves.”

Ed Farrior, MD, President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery said: “Women in their fifties want to feel sexy, vibrant, beautiful and desirable, but they demand a natural result – not the frozen, windblown look of previous generations. They simply want to be the best, most confident version of themselves. The constant advances in safe and effective minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment options are truly empowering women to age backwards.”

This is certainly something I applaud.

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