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Hormone balancing: Why it’s important and what’s involved

Today sees the first extract from a new book I’m involved in published in the Sunday Times Style section. The book, Your Hormone Doctor, is written by Leah Hardy, Susie Rogers and myself, and it comes out on May 8th (you can pre-order your copy from Amazon now).

I offer a specific hormone balancing consultation service, and I thought it may find it useful to understand why keeping your hormones in balance is so important, and what the procedure I offer involves.

Hormones are chemical compounds formed by the glands and are carried via the blood to other parts of the body. When hormones reach their target they stimulate that part of the body to function more vigorously. If hormones are balanced, the body is able to do miraculous things such as regenerate new tissue, create energy and fight disease.

From our mid-twenties the rate of cell renewal slows, moisture levels drop and collagen production is reduced, causing loss of elasticity in the skin. Women’s hormone levels begin to fluctuate at around the age of 40 during the perimenopause, the stage before menopause when the ovaries begin to produce less oestrogen. Although this is a natural part of the ageing process, it doesn’t always happen in a balanced way. The amounts of particular hormones can vary leading to imbalances which can cause symptoms such as weight gain, hot flushes, migraines, constipation, depression and skin can lose its youthful quality.

During your initial 1 hour consultation, I will assess your symptoms – discussing your concerns, and taking a full medical and family history. A blood sample will be taken which is tested to measure your hormone levels.

Once the results are processed you will have a follow up appointment and at this stage we will discuss your results and suggest any treatment I feel necessary in order to re-balance your hormones and get you on the road to recovery.

Your treatment plan will be totally personal, bio-identical and tailored to your individual results – as everyone’s hormone levels and symptoms will vary.

A specialist prescription will be created according to your results. Regular follow-up appointments and tests may be necessary as your hormonal balance is fine-tuned.

If you want to know more about any of my treatments, or my YOUTH supplement please get in touch. You can comment on this blog post, email me at tweet me @DrDanielSister or find me on Facebook. To book an appointment, contact reception at Beauty Works West. I look forward to hearing from you.

Note: Generally hormone prescripions are for six months and follow up consultations will be required before new prescriptions are generated. If extra repeat prescriptions are required an administration fee will be incurred.

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