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How PRP helped relieve my fractured elbow

They say doctors make the worst patients, and I have to admit that includes me:)

I recently had an accident which resulted in a hairline fracture in my arm (just below the elbow) which was extremely painful.

Me with my plasma, straight out of the centrifuge
Me with my plasma, straight out of the centrifuge

I’d been struggling for a few weeks when I happened to be in a meeting with Claudia McGloin, a reputed nurse practitioner who I trained in Dracula Therapy™/PRP. Claudia has had great success with using Dracula Therapy on sports and joint conditions, so and I asked her to inject my arm for me.

Claudia used a number of PRP injections. One large injection directly into the elbow joint near the fracture (ouch) and others into the muscles – one under the fracture and one into my forearm.

Of course I know all about the benefits of Dracula Therapy™, and I’ve been working with it for many years now. But I have to say, even I was surprised by these results! Within just six hours of treatment my arm was feeling significantly better – with around a 70% improvement. It doesn’t stop there, as the days post injections progressed I continued to feel better, and now just a few weeks later I’m at 90% recovery.

And my results are not a one off. Research published last year in the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) found that athletes who were treated with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections returned to their sport quicker than those who opted for rehabilitation alone. In fact, the study showed that the PRP patients returned to their sport an average of two weeks sooner, at 26.7 days, compared to 42.5 days in the non PRP group. Now I’m not an athlete, but I do need full use of my hands and arms in order to treat patients, so I  appreciate the need to return to full fitness as soon as possible.

If you want to know more about Dracula Therapy (PRP), or any of my other treatments please get in touch. You can comment on this blog post, email me at, tweet me @DrDanielSister, or find me on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you.

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