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Dr Sister is very plalumiermd_productseased to annouce that he is now offering the Alumier MD skincare range in clinic.

This is the first time that Dr Sister has ever recommended a skincare range. Never before found a range he has felt comfortable being associated with, but after extensive resea
rch he has picked Alumier for his patients. It’s a range only available via a doctor’s recommendation, which Dr Sister believes will cut down on his patients spending money on products that are not suitable, or of no real benefit to to their skin. The products are paraben and chemical free and contain interesting and important ingredients.

Anyone interested needs to have a consultation with Dr Sister. There’s no hard sell, which is another key point for Dr Sister. He’s never wanted to feel he is ‘selling’ products via his consultations. If a patient is interested, he simply opens them an account which will contain his recommendations, the patient then looks from the privacy of their own home and choses to go ahead and order if they wish.

For more information about Alumier MD please take a look at their website. Please note that orders can only be made following a consultation with Dr Sister. Of course the products can all be combined with Dr Sister’s treatments.Alumier_logo

If you want to know more, please feel free to get in touch. You can comment on this post, email Dr Sister at, tweet him @DrDanielSister or contact him via Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.