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We are very pleased to announce a brand new treatment, available exclusively with Dr Sister.

Dracula PRP Therapy is Dr Sister’s key treatment. It improves not only facial muscle tone but also slows down the bone resorption on the eye sockets and jaw lines and has a positive action on the other signs of ageing skin

This year Dr Sister has undertaken extensive research on combining Dracula PRP Therapy with Xela Rederm, a mixed hyaluronic acid and succinic acid product produced by Hyalual Institute. The results show that this new treatment, Dracula PRP Rederm, provides stronger and faster results on elasticity, pigmentation, erythema (redness) and hydration.

This research focussed on 14 female patients (aged 35 to 65) and showed an irrefutable improvement:

  • On ALL 14 patients
  • On ALL symptoms, only ONE week after ONE treatment
  • And with results that keep improving over the course of the first month

The following graphs show the average increase in both skin hydration and skin elasticity across all 14 patients who took part in the trial. The results show that both hydration and elasticity increased significantly by two weeks post treatment, and then increased further by four weeks post treatment.





Pre trial – before any treatment

F/up – follow up appointments at two weeks and four weeks.




These further two graphs show that the patients also saw a significant decrease in both redness and skin pigementation.

graph_pigmentation graph_redness




Image copyright Dr Daniel Sister Ltd

This image shows one of the trial patients, before any treatment, then at four weeks post treatment.

Pre trial – before any treatment

F/up – follow up appointments at two weeks and four weeks.




Dracula PRP Rederm is not intended to replace a volumisation filler but is improving skin tone and all aging factors. It is most suited to damaged or older skin types.

If you’d like to know more about this treatment, please get in touch. You can reach me on email, tweet me on @drdanielsister or find me on Facebook.

Journalists wanting to know more about this treatment, please contact us on