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Facial harmony with profiloplasty

The term profiloplasty describes a combination of cosmetic surgery techniques designed to harmonise the profile of the face, creating a ‘perfect’ facial silhouette and in some cases, making the face more gender appropriate.

Thanks to modern non-surgical techniques, this treatment can now be achieved without general anaesthetic or surgical intervention and with minimal downtime.

Perfect facial proportions are rare, but profiloplasty, or our new non-surgical facial shaping, can help patients achieve perfectly proportioned forehead – eyes, nose – cheeks and mouth – chin.

A surgical method will involve rhinoplasty (a nose job), chin and cheek implants and a brow lift. However, Dr Sister’s years of experience in developing non-surgical alternatives, mean this treatment is now available without surgery.

What is involved?

Nose – A non-surgical rhinoplasty is achieved using dermal filler to hide nose bumps, and/or stem cell fat grafting to make a nose appear straight. Dermal filler can also be used to raise the tip of the nose. Muscle relaxing injections can be used to stop nostrils from flaring.

Chin – Using dermal fillers of a stem cell fat graft the size and profile of the chin can be altered to even out the facial profile.

Cheeks – Dermal fillers or stem cell fat graft will augment the cheeks adding volime to the face, restoring the contours and eliminating naso-labial folds.

Brows – Lifting the brows will help to reduce the size of the forehead but can create a more even distance between your hairline, eyes, nose and chin.

Jaw line and neck – Thread lifts can be used to redefine these areas.

Skin – Overall skin improvement in terms of pigmentation, tone and volume can be improved with plasma growth factors and/or stem cells.

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