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Stem Cell Facelift – a visual guide

The Stem Cell Facelift is a new type of regenerative treatment that restores a more youthful face by revitalizing the skin, boosting collagen and leaving skin plumper and more even in pigmentation.

This treatment uses cells derived from a small fat sample taken from the patient’s body – this kick starts the regeneration process – in a totally natural way. The image below shows Dr Sister extracting fat  from a patient.

Dr Sister extracting fat for use in a Stem Cell Lift treatment











This video clips shows the process of emulsification, which destroys the fat cells membranes and harvests the stem cells.

Now we can see the injection process, in this case into a patient’s hand.









There’s more information on the Stem Cell Facelift here, or if you would like to get in touch please contact us on find us on Facebook or Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.