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Dracula Therapy™ for scarring: Case study

I’ve often mentioned that Dracula Therapy™ (PRP) is a powerful treatment for scarring. But recently I’ve put it through its paces with a patient who had profound scarring. You might have heard of Melissa Foreman (pictured), she’s had a lot of … Continue reading

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Silhouette Soft Lift: more before & after photos

Regular readers will know that I’m a huge fan of the Silhouette Soft Lift, as it offers a brilliant alternative to a surgical face lift. In fact I’m so enthusiastic about this treatment, I even tried it myself, you can … Continue reading

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Patient feedback: Hormone balancing

This year I’ve seen a marked increase in the amount of patients I’ve seen for hormone balancing. In just the last week I’ve received two emails from patients who feel that hormone balancing has made a significant difference to their … Continue reading

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