Please note: Dr Sister is now located in Westminster

Dr Sister’s London Clinic

The Dentist Gallery –  20 Rochester Row, London SW1P 1BT 020 3744 0919

London appointments are available from Wednesday – Saturday.

For general enquiries, please contact us via email: or complete our contact form.

A press release with information about Dracula PRP Therapy & Dr Daniel Sister can be downloaded here: Draculatherapy_pressrelease_download.

For press and PR please contact Jemma Patton.

Dr Sister practices in Oslo, Norway, one Monday per month. For details contact the Oslo clinic direct. He also has a clinic in Guernsey, two days per month with Guernsey Skin and Beauty.

Dr Sister trains medical professionals in Dracula PRP Therapy once per month at Wigmore Medical. More information can be found at Wigmore Medical Training or by contacting Archie Tashjian.

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26 Responses to Contact

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  5. Maxine chapman says:

    Watched the programme on channel 4 and I was so impressed with this type of treatment, is this treatment suitable for any age (I’m 62) and is this treatment available elsewhere by Dr Sister (I live in the Yorkshire area)

    • drsister says:

      Hi Maxine, Age is not a limit, so yes Dracula Therapy is suitable for someone of 62. I am based in London but I have trained doctors all over the country. We will email you more information. Best wishes, Dr Sister.

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  8. Raz says:

    How much is an initial consultation or is it free?

  9. Aneta says:

    I have acne scars on my cheeks what is the best to do wit it? and my skin dosnt look very good

    • drsister says:

      It’s best to book a consultation as I’ll need to look at your skin and talk through your medical history. Many thanks and I look forward to meeting you. Dr Sister.

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  11. Angela says:

    Deae Dr Sister, I had a mini face lift 18 months ago but would really like to have a little more gentle lift over the cheek area and so the silhouette soft sounds of interest. I also have some acne scarring on my left cheek and wondered if the Dracula therapy would also help there too.

    • drsister says:

      Hi Angela, yes both could work, but I would only be sure after meeting you for a consultation. It’s always important to meet patients and take a medical history before advising on treatments. If you’d like to book a consultation please get in I look forward to meeting you.

  12. Batool says:

    I am a 23 year old female with severe hair loss . I suffer from androgenetic alopecia which I inherited from my mother. I am interested in PRP and would like to know if it would work for me. I am willing to travel to London for the procedure.

    • drsister says:

      Hi, I’d need more information before being able to answer, and ideally we’d need a consultation. For instance what do you call severe? Do you have photos I could look at? How long have you had the problem? Any other health issues? For instance anaemia, irregular periods? PCOS? Have you had any hormone tests? It may be best to reply via email, please get in contact on and we can discuss further. Many thanks, Dr Sister.

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  14. tina says:

    hi Daniel I am interested in your whit box new treatment please can you let me know the price of treatment also do you charge consultation

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  16. Farida says:


    I would like to chat about breast enhancement with out surgery do you have any clinics in the West Midlands at all? Coventry or Birmingham or anything near by?


  17. Sam says:

    Hello Dr. Sister,

    I am not stranger to prp and have had decent results with it in the past. I’m very interesting in reading your work with PRP HA and succinic acid combined. What would be the price for this? It’s for shallow macule scars which are not fibrous at all. I would be coming from abroad.

    Kind regards,


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