Media & Published work

For a selection of recent press coverage click here.

A press release with information about Dracula Therapy and Dr Sister is available to download here: Draculatherapy_pressrelease_download

Dr Sister has written several well regarded books including:

NEW: PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma – The New Frontier in Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine.


Your Hormone Doctor (Dr Daniel Sister with Susie Rogers & Leah Hardy) Available on Amazon now. YourHormoneDoctor




•   From Fat to Fit (USA)
•   Throw your scale away (USA)
•   Menopause, maigrir sans faim (France)
•   Comment dire NON à la cellulite et à l’obésité (Fr)
•   About Beauty, Nutrition, and Anti Ageing
•   La Medecine Anti Ageing


Dr Sister is regularly called upon for media comment and has appeared as a guest on various TV shows in France, UK, Germany, USA, Russia & Israel

He has also been quoted and interviewed by many top publications including:

Harper & Queen
Vogue (UK, Russia, Japan)
Woman’s Journal
The Independent
Daily Mail
Evening Standard
Sunday Times
Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Guide
Brand New You
Marie Claire
Daily Express
In Style
NY Daily News

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