Mini Face Lift London – No downtime!

If you want a younger more vibrant look but you do not want to undergo cosmetic surgery with all that bruising and swelling, then the answer may be a mini face lift london by Dr Sister. Maybe you want a brow lift, have some lines you don’t like or suffer from sagging skin, as you will see there are lots of options for you, and all without cosmetic surgery.

A combination of Botox and Dermal fillers can provide excellent rejuvenating results in less than an hour. You will experience immediate results that can last from 3-10 months with no downtime and no cosmetic surgery (but don’t exercise vigorously for a day). Or, for longer lasting results you can include the MINT Lift® which gives an immediate lift for up to 18 months!

Fantastic results and a very relaxing treatment dr sister put me completely at ease ,and has a kind considerate manner, I was rather nervous about having PRP but after my first treatment I’ve returned quite a few times,it’s definitely made a huge improvement to my skin , more youthful and firm I’m very happy with this treatment

mini face lift
Mini Face Lift

Quick Summary Of The Mini FaceLift

Dr Sister will use fillers which augment your cheekbones, restoring lost volume, and subtly lifting the skin from underneath for a more contoured smoother look of the facial skin. The extra volume achieved in the upper cheeks will help fill out the area around the lower eyelids which eradicates that tired, hollow look.

He will also use fillers to smooth those “marionette” lines as well as nasolabial folds (the “parentheses” of the face running from the the sides of your mouth to the corner of your nose). Dr. Sister restores the crisp jaw edge and disguises modest jowls adding filler to the jawline.

He will perform a brow lift, smoothen forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet by using Botox. Do your friends ever say you look annoyed or worried when actually you are fine? This type of mini facelift will solve that problem without cosmetic surgery!

If you opt for the the MINT Lift® threads are inserted via needles without surgery, and these are absorbed in 6-8 months, so many side effects associated with cosmetic surgery and older thread lifting procedures, like infection and also thread breakage are minimised.

On completion of the mini facelift treatment you can walk out and go about your normal routine immediately. You will already notice an improvement and in a few days, you can enjoy the full results of your non-surgical mini facelift transformation.

Please note there are several other mini facelift treatments which are worth considering for the mini face lift. Everyone looks different and also have different priorities. You may be interested in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy (an alternative to eyelid surgery), Carboxytherapy (for dark circles under the eyes), Skin peels, Plexr Plasma soft surgery or a Stem cell facelift.

You can call Dr Sister and discuss your requirements and also attend a consultation where he can assess what would be the best course of action for you. Get in touch here.

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mini face lift london
mini face lift london

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