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Anti ageing for the hands

Unfortunately the ageing process involves more than just the face. The second most visible sign of ageing is also on display all the time - our hands. As we concentrate our aesthetic efforts on the face, the hands are often neglected. The skin on the hands is different from the face; it’s much thinner, with… Continue reading Anti ageing for the hands

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Hand rejuvenation with chemical peels & Dracula PRP Therapy

Chemical peels are a common and effective form of skin regeneration. They treat a range of common skin problems, such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation issues (due to sun damage, age spots, freckles etc.), blotchiness, poor texture, uneven complexion or acne. As aesthetic research continues to progress, new chemical peels that are specifically developed to… Continue reading Hand rejuvenation with chemical peels & Dracula PRP Therapy