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Facial harmony with profiloplasty

The term profiloplasty describes a combination of cosmetic surgery techniques designed to harmonise the profile of the face, creating a ‘perfect’ facial silhouette and in some cases, making the face more gender appropriate. Thanks to modern non-surgical techniques, this treatment can now be achieved without general anaesthetic or surgical intervention and with minimal downtime. Perfect… Continue reading Facial harmony with profiloplasty

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Groundbreaking treatments that I’ve introduced into the UK

I’m proud to be a pioneer in the field of non-invasive cosmetic techniques and have introduced a number of key treatments into the UK market.These days there are many safe, effective, alternatives to surgery and I’m always looking for new methods and treatments that further advance this area. I specialise in scientifically proven treatments, and… Continue reading Groundbreaking treatments that I’ve introduced into the UK

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Surgery free nose re-sculpting: Before and after pics

I thought I'd share some more before and after photos with you. This patient was unhappy about her nose, which she felt was too crooked, so she came to me looking for a non-surgical solution. I treated her with hyaluronic acid injections, which will last around 16-18months. She was very pleased with the results - which… Continue reading Surgery free nose re-sculpting: Before and after pics

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Surgery free nose re-sculpting

If you’re considering a surgical nose job, think again. Non-surgical nose re-sculpting is ideal for anyone who avoids having their photo taken in profile, or feels happier looking into the mirror head-on. If you yearn for a straighter, more aligned nose, then I can help. Injecting dermal fillers on either side of the cartilage of… Continue reading Surgery free nose re-sculpting