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Combining PRP Therapy with other treatments

Although Dracula PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a fantastic standalone treatment, there are times where combining it with another treatment is a good idea, in order to achieve the very best results. In this post I look at which treatments I find work best when combined with PRP. Dracula PRP Therapy and Carboxytherapy The treatment… Continue reading Combining PRP Therapy with other treatments

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PRP for scarring: Case study

I’ve often mentioned that Dracula Therapy™ (PRP) is a powerful treatment for scarring. But recently I’ve put it through its paces with a patient who had profound scarring. You might have heard of Melissa Foreman (pictured), she’s had a lot of coverage in newspapers such as the Daily Mail and The Mirror this year. Just a… Continue reading PRP for scarring: Case study