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Dracula Therapy™ for scarring: Case study

I’ve often mentioned that Dracula Therapy™ (PRP) is a powerful treatment for scarring. But recently I’ve put it through its paces with a patient who had profound scarring. You might have heard of Melissa Foreman (pictured), she’s had a lot of … Continue reading

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Review of my M.E.L.T. fat busting treatment in the Mail Online

The Daily Mail has just run an article on fat-busting treatments, and they sent in a man for me to treat with my M.E.L.T. system. He was very pleased with the results, losing 2.1inches from his waistline. Click on the … Continue reading

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A focus on male patients

Roughly 25% of my patients are men and from conversations with colleagues it appears that’s quite a high percentage. In the US, during 2011 men made up 9% of all procedures carried about by members of the American Society for … Continue reading

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Weight loss and weight management

Some people struggle to lose weight no matter what diet or exercise regime they try. Others lose weight easily, but gain it back again just as quickly. I’ve had great success helping patients manage their weight successfully. I develop a … Continue reading

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Hormones and the ageing process

UPDATE: For more information on my hormone balancing consultation service, take a look at this post – and to order the book, Your Hormone Doctor, visit Amazon.  Do you know how vital the role of hormones is when it comes … Continue reading

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M.E.L.T. my exclusive fat-busting treatment

This page has been replaced. Please see: Body contouring & fat busting with no downtime.  

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