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Terms & Conditions


Dr Sister ensures that treatments are fairly priced and are regularly checked and compared to other similar practitioners and clinics.  Pricing reflects Dr Sister’s extensive experience and knowledge. We do not compromise on quality and use only known and recognised products that have been extensively tested.

Individual treatment prices are here, however treatment plans are bespoke and created after personal consultation with Dr Sister, so may vary. Discounts are not available unless they have been marked as ‘on offer’ on our website, social media and email list, and are within the appropriate dates.

None of our staff are paid commission. Dr Sister makes decisions and recommendations on treatments. Before any treatment you will need a consultation with Dr Sister, the cost for this is £125. This consultation fee is redeemable again treatments taken within two weeks of your consultation date. All consultations must be face-to-face.

We accept payments in cash, debit card and credit card including Amex.


Due to the nature of our treatments Dr Sister’s schedule may not always run on time. He always endeavours to keep clincs running to time, and will update reception staff accordingly. On occasions your appointment time may overrun, we will always give you an estimate of how long your treatment will take, but this is not a guarrantee.

By giving us your email address you agree to be added to our mailing list. We do not share your details with any other individuals / companies.

Please note that treatment results can vary from person to person and are objective, therefore results are not guaranteed. No warranty or guarantee is made by the clinic as to results. It is possible that results might not come up to expectations or goals, but Dr Sister will always endeavor to explain any possible variance before treatment begins.

Dr Sister does not engage in negotiations for discounts or free treatments. Discussing discounting is not conducive to a positive doctor/patient relationship so we politely suggest that patients do not attempt to do so.

On occasions patients may not be suitable for a treatment, or their expectations may be unrealistic. Dr Sister has the right to refuse treatment where he believes it will not be successful, or is not in the patient’s best interest. 

Minimum age for any treatment is 18 years of age.

Should you need it, a copy of our complaints policy is available here.

Chaperones are available on request, more information is available here.

If you do not speak English or French fluently please bring along a friend who can translate. Any translation services required are at the patients own expense.

If you are hard of hearing or deaf please bring a friend who can assist you. If requested in advance we can provide a sign language translator at your own expense.

Child supervision

Children are welcome into our clinic, however our staff members are unable to supervise children during treatments for both health & safety and insurance purposes.

Please do not bring your children with you to your appointment. We recommend you make child care arrangements in advance, unless you are bringing another adult to supervise your children.

If you have not brought another adult to supervise your children, your appointment will be rescheduled and any deposit taken will not be refunded.

Children under the age of 14 years must not be left unsupervised in the clinic. Children will not be allowed into the treatment room for health and safety reasons.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


The website and associated pages are for general information purposes only.

No doctor/patient relationship is established by using this website.

Information on this website does not replace a consultation with a doctor.

No diagnosis or treatment is being provided by this website.

We take no responsibility for websites linked to from this site and such links do not imply endorsements.

If in doubt always speak to your own general practitioner or healthcare provider.