Dr Sister offers a wide range of treatments and over the past ten years he has introduced more than 10 new treatments to the UK. Please arrange a consultation so he can offer advice on which treatment is most suitable for you.

Muscle relaxing / anti wrinkle injections – relax wrinkle-causing muscles, soften existing facial lines,  prevent the formation of new lines

Chemical peels – improve tone, texture & clarity of skin, reduce age spots & melanoma, soften wrinkles, clears acne, tackles scars

Carboxytherapy for stretch marks

Carboxytherapy for dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes –  carboxytherapy, chemical peels, nanofat grafting

Dermal fillers – restore lost volume and smooth out lines, re-sculpt/correct nose

Dracula Therapy – to stimulates DNA repair, heal scars, make dry lacklustre skin look and feel younger

Dracula Therapy for hair loss

Dracula Therapy (PRP) for soft tissue injuries and joint problems

Dracula PRP Rederm a combination of Dracula PRP Therapy and Xela Rederm – provides stronger and faster results on elasticity, pigmentation, erythema (redness) and hydration.

Hand rejuvenation with Dracula Therapy, chemical peels, Nanofat

Hormone therapy – for anti ageing

Hormone balancing – for menopause, perimenopause, PMT, PCOS, thyroid dysfunctions.

Stem Cell Facelift – a new treatment that stem cells from the patient’s own body to revitalise skin and combat the ageing process

Nose re-sculpting without surgery Nose re-sculpting without surgery

Plexr Plasma Soft Surgery System for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), eye bags, face and neck lifts, removing moles, treating scars and removing stretch marks.

Prolon diet plan

Surgery free neck lift & rejuvenation 

Silhouette Soft Lift – for face and/or neck. With or without Dracula Therapy (PRP)

Weight loss and weight management 


38 thoughts on “Treatments”

  1. Hi,

    I was travelling in South America when I picked up a fungal infection from the jungle.

    Unfortunately it affected my scalp badly and I lost a lot of hair.

    When I was living in Peru I was undertaking PRP injections in the scalp to help regrowth.

    It’s 3 months ago now but I’d like to keep going with the PRP treatment.

    Can you please let me know the cost involved?


  2. Please could you advise me on whether you perform’TLC Breast Enlargement’ as I would be very interested in this non invasive procedure.
    I am a 46 year old mother of 3, with very small and flat (disgusting excuses for) breasts.
    please help me x

  3. Hi, im a 20 year old female who is currantly looking at the Rejuvula treatment. I had a baby around a year and a half ago and even though i still do my pelvic floor excercises to this day i still tend to accidently leak urine all through the day resulting in me having to wear a sanitery towel everyday. I was just wondering how much the procedure would be and how benifefical it would be to me, thankyou for any information sent back:)

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