Fees and pricing

Dr Sister ensures that treatments are fairly priced and are regularly checked and compared to other similar practitioners. All prices listed below are ‘starting points’ as treatment plans are bespoke and created after personal consultation with Dr Sister.

Before any treatment you will need a consultation with Dr Sister, the cost for this is £150. This consultation fee is redeemable again treatments taken within two weeks of your consultation date.

A deposit of £150 is required to secure bookings.

Platelet Rich Plasma (Dracula Therapy) – First treatment – £600, further treatments £550.

       Course of three PRP treatments for hair loss £1500*

Stem cell treatment (Nano fat graft) – from £2000

Botulinum Toxin from £250 for one area, £350 for two areas, £450 for three areas

Hyaluronic acid £450 per 1 ml syringe

VIPEEL from £450

Thread lifts:

Mid face/jowls from £1800

Mid face/jowls/neck from £2500

Neck from £1000

Carboxytherapy from £150 per session (multiple sessions required)

Course of six carboxytherapy sessions £750*

Plexr soft surgery – from £150 

Hormone consultations:

Initial consulation – £350

Follow up consultation – £150

Repeat prescription – £50

*Courses of treatments must be paid for in advance.

Please note that treatment results can vary from person to person and are objective, therefore results are not guaranteed. Dr Sister will always endeavor to explain any possible variance before treatment begins.

Dr Sister does not engage in negotiations for discounts or for free treatments. Discussing discounting is not conducive to a positive doctor/patient relationship so we politely suggest that patients do not attempt to do so.

On occasions patients may not be suitable for a treatment, or their expectations may be unrealistic. Dr Sister has the right to refuse treatment where he believes it will not be successful, or is not in the patient’s best interest.

If you are not satisfied with a treatment please contact us within one month of your treatment date. We believe in providing high quality care and, where possible, we will work with you to provide a resolution. For more information you can view our complaints policy.

For more information please contact us on info@drdanielsister.com.

For press enquiries please contact Jemma Patton on jempatton@gmail.com, or via Twitter @JemmaAesthetics.